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General School Information


We Have a Unique Approach ... LIVE Classes and Personal Attention!

California Law and Business for Contractors
Classes are conducted with a LIVE Course designed to Teach, Explain and then Reinforce information on the State Exam. Explaining Laws and Regulations through a series of practice tests provides an opportunity for you to get familiar with successful test-taking procedures as well as learn the Laws governing the California Contracting Industry. Class material and discussion is based on questions from State Exams as well as material designed to Explain the state topics and Laws. Participation and discussion is encouraged in the classroom, and individual assistance is always available simply by calling or making an appointment.

When to Enroll

You should plan to enroll at least Two Weeks before class begins. Earlier enrollment is advised in order to schedule your State Exam for the earliest available date, and to allow you time to easily start reading the Law and Business Study Materials.

Our Guarantee to You ...

Golden State Contractors School guarantees our students – if you don't pass the State Exam the first time (for any reason), we will provide additional Classroom training, personal tutoring, additional reference materials and access to our full Reference Library – at our expense! 
Records show that over 94 percent of our students
PASS the State Exam the FIRST time (easily)!
We teach you how to Pass the Exam, and we teach you the Legal and Business Regulations that California Contractors are required to follow every day to Successfully and Legally run their business!  
We'll help you understand what California's Contractor Laws mean to YOU!
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We'll Help You From Start to Finish

We are fully staffed to provide you with assistance in selecting the License Classification, Preparation of your State Application and of course the Live Classroom training. Then after your State Exam is finished, we'll help in preparing your Bond and final paperwork for issuance of your new License.
Applications are carefully prepared by GSCS staff and forwarded to the CSLB for you in order to schedule your State Exam.
Classes include guided discussion from home-prepared practice tests led by instructor, Rob Andreasen. We provide 10 to 12 hours of LIVE Classroom Instruction to discuss the Laws and Business Regulations on the Exam and prepare you to PASS the State Exam easily the FIRST time!
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Program Options and Services

Golden State offers several study programs, including Law and Trade Combination, Law Only, Trade Only, Additional Trades and a Law Audit (as well as a Refresher Course for already Licensed Contractors to “refresh” on State Laws).
We can also create a Custom Program that can be delivered privately if you have a larger group that you need to get Trained or Licensed.

Law Exam Classroom Discussion is on the Following Topics:

  • Safety in Employment (Cal/OSHA)

  • Business Management & Accounting

  • Mechanics’ Lien Law

  • Labor Code (Employment Regulations) & Workers Comp

  • License Laws for Contractors

  • Home Improvement Contracts

  • Misc. (Insurance, Bidding, Taxes, Math, etc.)