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Welcome to Golden State
Contractors School

The Most Effective Way to Get Your California Contractors License!

B R E A K I N G    N E W S . . .

***GSCS Business Workshop starting September 21, 2017***
(See Below for more information)
**New CSLB requirements are different.
Call us if you need help getting your Work Experience accepted! It’s actually very easy to qualify. Let us help you through the new CSLB process!

**Don't have a Social Security number? State Law now allows CSLB to accept an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) instead of a Social Security number on an application for a Contractor’s License! Give us a call for more information.
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-- F Y I --
1. Convenient Evening Class Hours!
Classes are held Monday-Thursday of the first two weeks of each month from 6:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. 
See the 
Class Info page.

2. We Now Do CORPORATE PROCESSING at VERY Reasonable Rates!  As you look for more ways to Grow your Business and Protect the Assets you've built, consider restructuring your business as a Corporation or LLC. We now process Corporations and LLCs with the Secretary of State's office at very reasonable rates (and very quickly).  Call for more information or to make an appointment to find out more. See the Class Info page.

3. We Have Two NEW Contractor Support Programs Available!
If you need to Start or Update your Business and/or review State Regulations to make sure you are organized properly and compliant with California License Laws, we now offer the following:

  1. NEW Business Workshop! Two Nights for the New Contractor OR the Experienced Contractor (and Spous/Sgnificant Other, and Key Office Personnel), who needs to get their Business and all the paperwork organized to actually run Legally, or to "tune it up." We'll go over Bidding, Payroll & Workers Comp, all the required Contracts and Legal Documents, etc., to make sure you are protected and not missing any critical regulations. See the Class Info page.

  2. Contractor Law Refresher Classes are now available for already Licensed Contractors (and Spous/Sgnificant Other), to attend our Two-Week interactive Law Class for a greatly reduced price to make sure you understand the License Laws, Employment Laws, Contract Regulations, etc. See the Class Info page.

4. We Have the Full Line of BNi CONTRACTS and LEGAL FORMS in Convenient PDF Format ready to send to you!
If you need Home Improvement Contracts, Commercial or Sub-Contracts, or Lien Waivers, Change Orders, Mechanics' Liens, etc., we have them available in convenient PDF format for easy download (and unlimited use), to your email. See the Bookstore page.

REMEMBER: California Law requires a WRITTEN CONTRACT
on EVERY job OVER $500.


Hi, thanks for reading.
Here are a few important things to know:

Signing up for the Upcoming Class is easy – call or come in, and we'll make it easy for you! Stop by the office during office hours, and we'll explain the entire process and help you get Enrolled for the Upcoming Classes. If you have a hard time making it in person, call and we can start the process for you over the phone! You can even leave a deposit on your tuition to get the process started, and pay the balance when you start Class.

Golden State Contractors School is a Full-Service Training and Support Facility, serving the San Diego Construction and Contracting industry since 1978. GSCS has a unique, LIVE Interactive Class that will teach you how to PASS the State Exam the First Time, and to LEARN the rules and regulations that California Contractors are required to follow every day in business. We have been Registered with the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) and are active members of the San Diego Better Business Bureau since 1989 (with an A+ rating). Expanded services include continuing Business Support for our already Licensed Clients!

Rob Andreasen

We look forward to helping you begin this exciting next step in your career – becoming California's next Licensed Contractor!

- Rob Andreasen,
  Director, Instructor   

Passing is Great ... but SUCCEEDING is better!
We'll Help you Succeed with the State Exam... and then be part of your Support System while you run your Business

As Your Business Grows ...

As you look for more ways to Grow your Business and Protect the Assets you've built, consider restructuring your business as a Corporation, Partnership or LLC. We can help process your new Corporation with the Secretary of State's office & set up an S-Corp, C-Corp Partnership or LLC, at very reasonable rates (and very quickly). Call for more information or to make an appointment to find out more.  See the Class Info page.