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We Offer Custom School Programs Based on Your Individual Needs!

We'll Teach You the Laws as Well as How to Pass the State Exam Easily!
Golden State offers several Study Programs, including Law and Trade Combinations, Law Only, Trade Only, Additional Trades and a Law Audit as well as a Law Refresher.
The Law and Business Classes are conducted over Eight Evenings for an hour-and-a-half each evening, typically the first Two Weeks of each month. Pricing varies depending on the Study Program you choose and the services you need. See below for a preliminary price breakdown, and feel free to call for more details.
Signing Up for the Upcoming Class Is Easy...
Call or Come In, and We'll Make It Easy for You!  
Stop by the office during office hours, and we'll explain the entire process and help you get Enrolled for the upcoming Classes or make plans to get you ready for future Classes. If you have a hard time making it in person, Call and we can start the process for you over the phone! 
Law Exam Class Schedules

November 6-16, 2017

December 4-14, 2017

January 8-18, 2018

Evening Law Class Hours:
Monday-Thursday, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
First Two Weeks of each Month

Plan to Enroll at least Two Weeks before the
upcoming class to get the earliest Exam Date.

NEW--Business Workshop Schedules

October 19 & 26, 2017

January 25 & February 1, 2018

Evening Business Workshop Hours:
Thursday, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Last Two Thursday Nights each Month* (See Below)
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Tuition & Application Processing Fees

Law & Business with Trade - Combination 
(Our most Popular Option)
Tuition for the Law and Business / Trade Combination Courses ranges from $395 to $999 depending on the type of Enrollment you are interested in and the services required (our most popular programs fall in the middle ranges, about $669).
The Law & Business Class is thorough, interactive, interesting and designed to explain the Contractor’s Laws and Regulations as well as ensure that you PASS the State Exam the FIRST TIME!
The Study Room is available for Private Study anytime during business hours.

Two New Contractor Support Programs for already Licensed Contractors!

1. NEW - Business Workshop   
We are now offering a Business Workshop for the New Contractor OR the Experienced Contractor who needs to get their Business and all the paperwork organized to actually run Legally, or to "tune it up." We'll go over Bidding, Payroll & Workers Comp, and the required Contracts and Legal Documents, etc., to make sure you are protected and not missing any critical regulations.  If you have forgotten some of the Laws that are in place, we are offering a convenient way to "be safe rather than sorry." The fee for the Business Workshop is only $195.00 for Existing Contractor Clients (Spouse/Significant Other $59.00) and $295.00 for Other Licensed Contractors.
2. NEW - Licensed Contractor Law Refresher Class 
We are also now offering a "Law Refresher Course" for any currently Licensed Contractors.  The reason for the Refresher Class is to give you an opportunity to update your knowledge on the Contractor’s License Laws and the Business and Professions Code regulations that guide Contractors in California.  Many Contractors forget some of the Laws that are in place, and with the CSLB actively and aggressively investigating work practices (especially Written Contracts and Employment Regulations), we are offering a way to "get up to date." The fee for this limited availability class is only $295 for existing Contractor Clients and $395 for Other Licensed Contractors.

Other Major Services to Keep Your Business Functioning Smoothly

1. NEW - Corporate Processing
We now process Corporations for either S-Corps, C-Corps, Partnerships or LLCs, which includes the Secretary of State processing for the Articles of Incorporation, preparing all the required documents for the Secretary of State and the IRS, reviewing and then filing the completed forms, and providing a gold embossed professional Binder and Seal with Stock Certificates. Fees charged for Corporate Processing range from $695 to $875 plus State filing fees.               
2. CSLB Application Processing
We typically prepare your State Application for you as part of your Enrollment, which includes typing the Application, showing you how to document your Work Experience on the State forms, reviewing and analyzing the completed forms (we'll go over any background documents that need to be disclosed as well). Fees charged for Application Processing range from $100 to $425 depending on the type of Application service you need and the complexity. (But if you prefer to save a little extra, you can do it yourself, and we will discount the fees you pay for School).
3. Trade Only / Additional Trade Home Study Programs
Fees for the Trade Only or Additional Trade Home Study Programs range from $205 to $475 depending on the type of services needed. We provide the Home Study Program, prepare your State Application and provide access to the technical books & reference materials in our extensive Refernce Library that the CSLB uses to create the Exams from. Online Trade Supplements are also included which allow you to use your Computer or Smart Phone to go over key questions and reinforce your learning.
4. Audio-CD / Online Trade Study Supplements
We have Audio-CD Trade Study Supplements for many of the CSLB Trade Classifications and Online Trade Study Supplements for all of the CSLB Classifications.
The fee for the Audio-CD Trade Study Supplement is only $39*, and the Online Trade Study Supplements are only $59.* 
*Trade Study Supplements are available at these Reduced Rates only for currently Enrolled Students to supplement the already provided Study Materials and make studying easier by using your Smart Phone website link or your Computer (Available for others at a slightly higher price).
 --- Available Classifications ---
Ask about the right Classification for the business you're going to run!
  • A General Engineering

  • B General Building

  • C2 Insulation

  • C5 Carpentry

  • C6 Cabinetry

  • C7 Low Voltage

  • C8 Concrete

  • C9 Drywall

  • C10 Electrical

  • C11 Elevator

  • C12 Earthwork

  • C13 Fencing

  • C15 Flooring

  • C16 Fire Sprinkler

  • C17 Glazing

  • C20 HVAC

  • C21 Demolition

  • C22 Asbestos

  • C23 Orn. Metal

  • C27 Landscaping

  • C28 Locksmith

  • C29 Masonry

  • C32 Highway Improvement

  • C33 Painting

  • C34 Pipline

  • C35 Plastering

  • C36 Plumbing

  • C38 Refrigeration

  • C39 Roofing

  • C43 Sheet Metal

  • C45 Electric Sign

  • C46 Solar

  • C47 Manufacturing. Housing

  • C50 Reinforced Steel

  • C51 Structural Steel

  • C53 Swimming Pool

  • C54 Ceramic Tile

  • C55 Water Cond.

  • C57 Well Drilling

  • C60 Welding

  • C61 Limited Specialty

  • Asbestos Certificate

  • Haz Matl Certificate