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What's Next After Contracting School?

Contractor school is but one step along the journey to becoming a professional in the industry. Once you've completed the program, you need to successfully pass the exam and complete a handful of additional steps to solidify yourself as a professional.
Take the time to learn about some of these requirements now so that you can start planning for these other steps ahead of time and begin your career faster. 
Application for Licensing
To complete the licensing exam, you must first apply to complete the test. Along with the actual application, the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) of California requires that you also submit payment for the processing of the application for $330, along with documentation of any industry work-related experience you have performed.
When you complete the application, review the document along with all the supporting information you're required to submit before turning it in. Any minor errors or missing information will slow the processing time for your application and ultimately the time it takes for you to obtain your license and begin working.
Background Screening
After your application for the licensing exam is submitted and accepted, the CSLB requires all applicants to submit to a background check. As part of the process, your information and fingerprint are cross-checked through both state- and federal-level record systems.
Some people assume they’ll go through this process only after they successfully complete the exam, but you do it beforehand so that you can obtain your license faster once you pass the exam.
An applicant can have a criminal background and still successfully pass the background portion screening, but you must be forthcoming about any past convictions. Failure to submit accurate and honest information could result in an automatic denial of your request. 
Asbestos Exam
To operate as a contractor in the state of California, you are required to complete an open-book asbestos exam as part of the licensing application process.
Applicants are required to complete this portion of the licensing process even if they don't believe they'll be operating in a role in which they’ll encounter this hazardous material.
As an added note, successful completion of the open-book asbestos exam is not the same as the certification required for asbestos removal. This exam only ensures you know what to do should you come in contact with the material. Additional testing is needed to receive abatement certification. 
Business Structuring
After completing the contractor exam, some people choose to use their knowledge as an opportunity to form their own business. Should you decide to go this route, now is the time to start thinking about how you will structure your company. Contractors typically select one of two options: Limited Liability Company (LLC) or S Corporation.
Choosing one of these options is vital in that these business structures protect your interest from your businesses' interest in cases of liability. Without this protection, any financial burden could become your responsibility. Set up this structure before you begin accepting contracts.
All contractors are also required to be bonded in the state by an insurance company before they can start work. If you choose to work for a company, they will initiate this process for you, but if you work on your own, you will need to get bonded after you receive your license to begin working. 
Your career begins with you. Use this information to ensure you're prepared and ready to move into your career faster. At Golden State Contractors School, we partner with our students to help them achieve success during the program and beyond. Contact us to find out how we can help you today.