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Steps to Becoming a Licensed Contractor

Being a licensed contractor offers many employment opportunities in the construction industry. With both commercial and residential buildings in demand, having the experience to manage a project makes you an asset. Here are the recommended steps to earning your license as a contractor.

Formal education

While many contractors do not have a degree, formal education will give you an edge. As a contractor, you need to have competent mathematical skills beyond that of your high school education. You also need business education to understand scheduling, local regulations and employment management.

On-the-job training

Working as an assistant is one of the best ways to get the experience you need to be a licensed contractor. Many degree programs offer internships with local companies to allow students to work with multiple businesses in order to round out the education. You can learn a lot by watching other people’s management skills.

Follow the rules and regulations of your state

Every state has different licensing requirements. You may be required to take an examination or prove your apprenticeship and experience in the industry. Check local city ordinances and state licensing requirements to ensure you can work in your chosen community.
If you’re interested in getting your contractor’s license, contact Golden State Contractors to receive the education and training you need to give yourself an edge in the industry.