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Why You Should Consider Becoming an Independent Contractor

Independent Conctractor
In today's world, there are endless opportunities for employment. With that said, however, one of the most lucrative and stable careers that you can go into is Contracting. Becoming a Licensed Contractor will afford you many excellent income opportunities. After all, people are always going to need to build, remodel & repair homes, businesses, and other structures.
While you may think you can "strike out on your own" without an education or a license, doing so offers you no protection, no guarantees, and no help if you find yourself in legal trouble should something go wrong. Plus in many cases it is just plain illegal.
Thus, if you want to be a Contractor, you need to attend School for it to learn the Laws and Business Regulations and get the proper License. That way, you can enjoy all of the many benefits that come along with a career as a Professional Licensed Contractor. Here are some of the benefits you could enjoy by becoming a Licensed Independent Contractor.
Manage Your Pay
Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of being an independent, Licensed Contractor is the fact that, once you have your License, you are free to strike out on your own, run your own business and do your own work. Doing your own work means that you can determine how much you earn per hour and/or how much each particular project will cost.
When you are always working as an employee, you don't have this kind of control, which often results in lower earnings. With your own License and freedom however, you are in control of how much you earn, which means there is no stopping or capping your earning potential.
Choose Your Hours
Another benefit about being a Licensed Construction Contractor is the fact that you can choose when you work and how often. It is up to you, as a Contractor, to go out and find your Clients and to work out your hours with them.
As long as you can find Clients and work, you can create a work schedule that works for you and that allows you to work as little or as often as you want, also allowing you to control your earnings as described above.
If you enjoy being in charge of your own life and having your freedom, then working as a Licensed Construction Contractor is definitely for you.
Choose the Projects That Interest You
Something else that is particularly great about choosing to be an independent Construction Contractor is the fact that you can choose which jobs you take on.
If you love building homes for people, for example, then you can choose only home building projects. If, on the other hand, you like commercial jobs only, you can make that your choice.
As a professional independent Contractor, you have great freedom in terms of the jobs that you choose, allowing you to share your career and build your reputation around your own strengths and choices.
Work With Whomever You Want
One final thing to really appreciate about being an independent construction Contractor is the fact that you can choose your employees yourself.
When you go into this field, you probably already know firsthand, the frustrations of working with a new and/or inexperienced crew. As a  Licensed professional yourself, however, you have the ability to choose every single person who works with you and who works on each job, allowing you to ensure superior productivity and a crew you can build your own solid business with.
As you can see, there are many benefits to becoming a Licensed, Professional Contractor, but that can't happen without the proper Education and Training.
If you want to ensure that you become a Licensed, professional Contractor, be sure to check us out, feel free to stop in or call so we can provide you with the Training, Education, and Information you need to reach your goals and to become California's next Licensed Contractor!