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Adding Classifications to Your Contractor's License

If you enjoy working with your hands and constructing structures that will withstand the test of time, then becoming a licensed contractor can be a great way to earn a living. While passing your basic contractor's exam will be enough to earn you the opportunity to obtain a contractor's license, you may want to consider adding special classifications to your license in order to increase your diversity, profitability and credibility.
These classifications allow you to gather additional knowledge in several specialty areas within the construction field, giving you a broader range of skills to rely on as you work each day. Here are three reasons why you should seriously consider enrolling in a trade program to add classifications to your contractor's license.

1. Diversity

One of the reasons why you should consider returning to school to become proficient in a specialized trade within the construction industry is so that you can take advantage of the diversity these trades provide.
Adding classifications to your contractor's license gives you the ability to complete a wide variety of construction tasks. You will not be limited to basic tasks that fall within the purview of a general contractor, but you will be able to expand the list of services that you provide to your clients to include specialized jobs like the installation of tile, glass windows and stone masonry.
This diversity will help to make you a more marketable contractor, allowing you to take on more jobs while still operating within the legal limits of your contractor's license.

2. Profitability

When you are able to expand the list of services that you can provide for potential customers, you are also able to increase your profitability as a contractor.
Not only will stacking specialized classifications onto your general contractor's license give you the opportunity to legally bid on a wider range of contracting jobs, but it will also give you the ability to complete more work yourself when overseeing major construction projects.
If you have completed specialized classifications, you won't need to hire subcontractors to complete tasks that require advanced knowledge and skill. Eliminating these subcontractors from your budget allows you to keep more profit in your own pocket.
In addition, because many people hiring construction companies prefer that the construction company doesn’t do any subcontracting, being able to complete all the tasks yourself may make your company more marketable.

3. Credibility

Since the average consumer doesn't hire a contractor often, finding a reputable contractor can be challenging. If you want to attract more business, then you need to be able to show cautious consumers that you are able to provide reliable and quality contracting services.
Making the choice to invest in specialized classifications that can be added to your contractor's license shows potential customers that you take your profession seriously. The more areas that you are certified to operate within, the more credible you will appear to consumers looking to hire a contractor for a construction or renovation project.
Investing in specialized classifications can help you win more bids when competing with contractors who do not have additional classifications for the same jobs because of the credibility these classifications lend to you as a professional.
Working within the construction industry can be exciting. In order to ensure that you are legally providing services to your customers, you need to have a current contractor's license. Making the choice to add classifications to your contractor's license can be a simple and effective way to diversify your service list, increase future profits and lend credibility to yourself as a contractor.
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