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What Type of Insurance Does a Contractor Need in California?


Often, becoming a contractor means starting your own small business. How can you protect yourself from potential liability? As a small business owner, you need insurance as your first line of protection. Your insurance will protect you from accidents, work-related injuries, and mistakes. Here are some of the insurance policies you can expect to use as a general contractor.

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Why You Should Consider Becoming an Independent Contractor


In today's world, there are endless opportunities for employment. With that said, however, one of the most lucrative and stable careers that you can go into is contracting. Becoming a licensed contractor will afford you many excellent employment opportunities. After all, people are always going to need to build homes, businesses, and other structures.

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Steps to Becoming a Licensed Contractor


Being a licensed contractor offers many employment opportunities in the construction industry. With both commercial and residential buildings in demand, having the experience to manage a project makes you an asset. Here are the recommended steps to earning your license as a contractor.

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